Food Safety Supervisor – Retail

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Food Safety Supervisor – Retail

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For a better understanding of the needs of “FOSTAC-Advance Storage & Transport,” use examples or case studies. The main goal would be to “understand the importance of food safety for all FBO as per the FSSAI production guidance document.”

The training and certification of food safety supervisors is mandated by law in the country.

In several Indian states, food safety training and certification (FoSTaC) is mandated by law. The Food Safety Standards Authority of India is required under Section 16(3) h of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 to provide training to those who are or intend to be involved in the food business.

whether as food company owners, employees, or in other capacities. According to the FSSAI directive of October 6, 2017, all food enterprises with a Central or State License must have at least one trained and qualified Food Safety Supervisor for every 25 food handlers or part thereof on all promises.



  • Any FBO in supply chain/ manufacturing /Food Retail/ Food Transport.
  • Management Representatives
  • Internal Auditors and Second Party Auditors.
  • Supervisors, Food Safety Professionals, Managers, actively involved in warehouse management
  • Transport Executives involved in the transport of food chains.
  • E-commerce team involved in handling FMCG
  • Cold chain distributors
  • Outsourced warehouses having food stored
  • Any person looking to move into the Food industry
  • Staff members who would like a greater understanding of FOOD SAFETY
  • Job seekers – Food manufacturing & retail Industry


  • Introduction of FSSAI/FOSTAC/FOSCORIS
  • Understanding food safety as per FSSAI
  • Understanding types of hazards & their impact on food safety
  • Understanding Schedule IV requirements for
  1. Location/layout/facilities
  2. Cleaning & sanitation
  3. Personal hygiene & personal Behaviour
  4. Support services like pest control/management support/audit/testing/documentation
  • Control of operations including FSMS plan/ key requirements of process flow & SOP
  • FSMS plan as per FSSAI
  • HACCP – understanding basics
  • Requirements of FBO for Covid-19 prevention



CERTIFICATE: FSSAI will issue the certificates of successful completion to all the delegates who attend entire duration of the course & clear assessment.



Training Location: In House Training, District wise Face to Face classes Sessions, Spot training / Onsite training (Work Place / Colleges / University /Industrial Units)

Registrations / Enquiry

Phone: 8129755499/ 9072624444

E mail:

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