Diploma in Culinary Arts

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Diploma in Culinary Arts

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Diploma in Culinary Arts and Patisserie

(Approved by University of Technology, Recognised by State & Central Governments)

We are proud of the education we deliver at KARE Campus, as well as our exceptional connection to the Hotel & Food business. Our programmes are designed with the demands of the industry – and the millennial student – in mind, resulting in curricula that produce talented individuals who are prepared to achieve in whichever career they choose.

We are also happy to share our vision with global experts in hospitality and culinary arts education, allowing you to participate in global academic exchange programmes and work abroad possibilities. The hospitality industry is dynamic, colourful, and fascinating – and so is the education you’ll receive from us.

Gain the key culinary practical skills to work as a chef

When deciding to pursue a successful career in hotel management, students should be aware of the branch that piques their interest the most. We are committed to preserving and passing on culinary knowledge and enjoyment. While paying attention to detail is an important component of our modern mindset, our motto is “Make Things Happen Fast!” The same energy that our Chefs and staff put into our programmes encourages all of our students. Our large staff of culinary experts will show you how to prepare delectable dishes in a professional manner!

Become the Ultimate Chef with Our Help

Our Kochi campus provides culinary training that is practical and hands-on. We are the only institute that provides certified credentials upon completion of courses. Take advantage of a UGC-accredited diploma, a family-like atmosphere on campus, small class sizes, and competent instruction.

Diploma in Culinary Arts and Patisserie

This professional chef training was created by the food industry’s best master chefs. The course seeks to teach advanced culinary arts such as all main cooking techniques, cooking styles, and methodologies. Expert chefs teach major and popular cuisines from throughout the world. Learners will be able to show various culinary methods, cuts of meat, cuts of vegetables, stocks, soups, curries, main course, exotic desserts, bread, and cakes by the end of this course.

Course Content:

  • Fundamental of Culinary Arts
  • Methods of Cooking
  • Different Cuts of Poultry and Meats
  • Different Vegetable Cuts
  • Cooking Science
  • Culinary Terminologies in French
  • Stocks, Soups and Consommés
  • Popular World Cuisines
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Tandoor
  • Basic Bakery and Pastry Arts
  • Plating Styles and Plating Techniques
  • Carving of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Exotic Desserts
  • Food Plating and Basic Molecular Gastronomy
  • Menu Engineering
  • Kitchen Management
  • HACCP- Food Hygiene, Personal Hygiene and Kitchen Hygiene
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Food Festival/Theme Dinner
  • Industrial Exposure Training


Learn the art of cooking

Our Hotel Management courses will prepare you to be a successful entrepreneur and hotelier.


Diploma in Culinary Arts and Patisserie Certifications & Features

Duration: 12 Months.

Eligibility: Plus two


Diploma Certificate awarded by the University of Technology.

MS Office Excel Training and certification awarded by Kerala State C-apt.

Advance Bakery (Level 2) & Covid Food Safety Supervisor certification awarded by FSSAI – Govt.of India

HACCP (Level 2) awarded by Highfield.

How to apply

Students who want to enrol in KARE Campus must first be well-versed in the subject. Please obtain an application from the office and return it to the office along with all copies of eligibility documents and recent passport-size pictures. When your application is verified, you will be provisionally enrolled, and your entrance money may be transferred to the accounts department immediately to confirm your enrollment. On the same day, you can pick up your admission number and batch information from the office.

MORE INFORMATION: HELPLINE (24-HOUR) 8129 755 499, 9072 62 4444


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