B Voc Food Processing

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B Voc Food Processing

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Food processing has a significant potential for expansion and socioeconomic influence around the world since it generates revenue by providing jobs for the rural poor and so relieves pressure on the agricultural sector. It also aids in the reduction of waste, the addition of value, the earning of foreign exchange, and the improvement of manufacturing competitiveness.

This industry represents an important link between the agricultural and industrial sectors of the economy. If we put enough emphasis on this, our concerns about food security and inflation will be considerably alleviated.

A good blend of general education and skill development would be included in the curriculum.

Various visiting guest teachers from the food processing and preservation industry, as well as the institute’s experienced faculty, will share their expertise, information, experience, and technology with the students.

Under the National Skill Qualification Framework, a Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) is an undergraduate course focused on higher education that leads to a Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) degree with numerous exits as a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, or degree (NSQF).In order to generate holistic and well-groomed graduates with enough knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship, the higher education system includes the requirements of diverse industries in its curriculum in a creative manner.

The curriculum is allocated with NOS and Qualification packs from the NSDC’s Sector Skill Councils (National Skill Development Corporation). NOS (National Occupational Standards) are standards that are unique to the Indian setting and consist of performance standards that individuals must meet when performing work functions, as well as knowledge and comprehension demands. The qualification pack includes the collection of NOS, as well as the educational, training, and other requirements for completing a particular role.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility condition for admission to B.Voc. The program shall be 10+2 or equivalent, in Science and Home Science stream.

Objectives of the B Voc Course in Food Processing Technology.

  • To empower the students with the professional competence and expertise of food processing technology.
  • To enable the students to understand food composition and its physicochemical, nutritional, microbiological, and sensory aspects.
  • To familiarize the students with the processing and preservation techniques of food products.
  • To emphasize the importance of food safety, food quality, food plant sanitation, food laws and regulations, food engineering, and packaging in the food industry.



B.Voc Certificate awarded by the University of Technology.

Post completion of the program work across the domain of industries – manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, service industry, supply chain, and consulting firms

You can work across multiple domain functions like planning, project management, resource management, consulting, strategy & others

Opportunity to work in India and abroad; travel across the world


B.Voc Food Processing Technology Certifications & Features

Duration: 3 Years

B.Voc Degree Certificate awarded by the University of Technology.

MS Office Excel Training and certification awarded by Kerala State C-apt.

Food Safety Supervisor ( Advance Level 2 ) Certification from Fostac ( FSSAI)

HACCP Certification ( Level 3 ) – International Certification

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B Voc Food Processing

Food processing has a significant potential for expansion and socioeconomic influence around the world since it generates revenue by providing