Practical Accounting And B.Com


Accounting is a professional field that is rich in job opportunities. There is a perennial need for efficient accounting professionals, especially in the financial sector all enterprises. As in the case of any profession, efficiency and professionalism is the key to success in this field too.

Practical training in accountancy, book-keeping and payroll administration, etc., can be very valuable for all those who are pursuing a career in this field with absolute solutions to gain qualification, work experience and professional guidance that will immensely enhance their chances of a upwardly mobile career path.

This Course has been integrated with Kerala University’s B.Com. Course in order to equip students for employment, immediately after their graduation. It offers a fresh approach to teaching financial accounting at an introductory level, whilst providing students with an extensive selection of practice options. It supplements and makes easy the study of the theoretical papers in their B.Com. syllabus.


Practical Accounting Program aims to meet the escalating demand for efficient entry level Accountants in the finance sectors of all enterprises and help to develop the students’ confidence by putting ample emphasis on providing them with practical knowledge for all types of business concerning accounting work.


A pass in 12th/ (10+2) examination (any group)

Duration :3 Years

Medium :English will be the standard medium of instruction for all coaching.

Mode of Examination

On completion of each Course or Segment of the Program, examinations/evaluations will be conducted in compliance with the terms and conditions prescribed by the certifying body. Attendance in the respective coaching classes for the different certifications is mandatory.


• Practical Accountant Qualification Certificate by a Chartered Accountant

• B.Com. Degree – University of Kerala

• Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)– ICAI ( Statutory body under an Act of Parliament)

• Banking and Accounting – NCVT Govt of India.

• Communicative Skills/ Tally ERP9.0 – NCVT Govt of India.

Career Options

Students, after successfully completing the Practical Accounting+ Course will acquire necessary skills to take up employment in entry accounting functions in the industry. Some of the potential sectors for employment are

1. Small & Medium

2. Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO)/Knowledge Processes Outsourcing

3. Retail/Hospitality Sector

4. Income Tax/Service Tax Return Prepares

5. Filing of Returns under Companies Act;

6. Filing of Returns under Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise and Custom Act etc;

7. Export & Import documentation etc;


First Year

Students are coached for 1st year B.Com. papers, as well as, for Certificate in Accounting Technicians (CAT) course and Spoken English & Communicative Skills at KARE Campus.

Paper Title of Paper Max.Marks
Part - I English -Paper 1 Prose 100
Part - II Second Language 100
Part - III Principles of Business Decisions 100
Mgmt & Business Communication 100
Entrepreneurship Development
Financial Accounting

Second Year

Coaching for B. Com. 2nd Year papers along with classes in Software Training and Practical Accounting at KARE Campus.

The students will be deployed to the Office of a Chartered Accountant or Associated firms for part-time training in application of theoretical practical accounting learned from classroom coaching, besides Industrial visits to different companies, to familiarize students with on-the-job Practical Accounting from the basic level to the highest level.

Paper Title of Paper Max.Marks
Part - I English -Paper II Poetry 100
Part - III Business Regulatory Frame Work 100
Business Statistics 100
Principles of Marketing 100
Advanced Financial Accounting
Optional - I Taxation

Third Year

Classes for 3rd year B.Com. papers will be held on Saturdays as the students will be engaged in Internship Training during week days. Prior to the Final Exams, intensive coaching and doubt-clearing sessions will be arranged. Timing to be decided after due consideration of the convenience of all students.

Paper Title of Paper Max.Marks
Part - III Banking Law and Practice 100
Auditing 100
Cost Accounting 100
Capital Market 100
Management Accounting
Optional - II Taxation


Students will be sent for a one year internship to associated firms in the third year of the Program.