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Master Of Human Resource Management

At KARE Campus (Knowledge age academy of research and education)

Master Of Human Resource Management


Today, in our country, the Human Resource Management Program is one of the most preferred PG level study programs, because of the accepted fact that human resource management plays a very significant role in the success of any organization, as HR is considered to be the most unavoidable of resources that are used in all production processes.

MHRM is similar to MBA with specialization in HR - but MHRM is a more specialized course which is also a PG Degree course.

It is often said that HR professionals are born and not made. You need to have innate skills to become a successful HR professional. HR is all about people or intellectual capital. It is ultimately intellectual capital which drives an organization forward and the HR team plays a key role in strategic planning and giving direction to an organization.

Masters in Human Resource Management (MHRM) is designed to hone the innate but latent potential of students with an integrated set of skills that will enable them to develop their professional careers in the area of Human Resource Management.

At KARE the MHRM program aims to train potential human resource managers to meet the demands of the industry, make them understand business dynamics, prepare them to take up strategic roles in the organization, and inculcate high standards of business ethics.

Career Options

Because of industrialization, organizations have now come to understand the importance of appropriately and well-trained personnel.

The scope of PG students of HR management ranges from technical HR jobs to the higher level administrative positions, such as, Director of Employment and Manager of Compensation etc.

HRM is not just an internal function of an Organization/Company, there are other related areas where the HRMs skills can be profitably applied and utilized. Hence a few options that are at hand for professionals who would like to get employed in the field of Human Resource are given below:

• Academics

• Career Counseling

• Corporate HRM

• Cross-cultural Management

• Equality and Diversity

• HR consulting

• International HRM

• Recruitment consulting

• Training & Development


Eligibility - Ambitious and hardworking dynamic young candidates with a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized University

Duration – 2 Years

Certification - University of Kerala

Scheme And Syllabus

First Year
Sl.No Core Subjects Max.Marks/CA Max.Marks/AA Total
1. Principles Of Management 25 75 100
2. Human Resource Management - I 25 75 100
3. Organizational Behaviour 25 75 100
4. Research Methodology & Quantitative Methods 25 75 100
5. Industrial Engineering 25 75 100
6. Labour and Managerial Economics 25 75 100

Second Year
Sl.No Core Subjects Max.Marks/CA Max.Marks/AA Total
7. Human Resource Management - II 25 75 100
8. Human Resource Development 25 75 100
9. Industrial Sociology 25 75 100
10. Industrial Relations 25 75 100
11. Labour Legislation 25 75 100
12. Project Report - - 100
13. Viva -Voce ( Comprehensive ) - - 100