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English Club Activities In Kare Campus

 English Clubs in Campuses are becoming more popular than other clubs, thanks to the obvious advantages of candidates possessing good communicative skills in English over those without it in interviews and other job-selection processes, including higher salary offer.

A high priority Club in KARE Campus - English Club conducts programs geared to induce in students the language skills in English.
Objective: To boost the students’ confidence in using English for communication - both spoken and written.
English Faculty in Charge, the Club conducts a variety of programs such as:  Vocabulary Games / Spelling competition
 Just a Minute - Extempore short speeches
 Recitations
 Dialogue Competitions
 Mock Celebrity Interview
 Debates - Current Issues
 Reading Competition
 Skit/Role Play in English
 Writing Competitions - Story, Essay, Poems, Expansion of ideas etc. The membership and active involvement in the English Club is mandatory for all students irrespective of their Discipline/Program

HOD Comments

Why extra focus on Communicative English?

With the electronification of the globe, and the phenomenal impact of globalization, mastery of English - the language of has become a necessary career-skill rather than just a lingua franca. Today, with education becoming more and more career-oriented, career skills are given priority over subject knowledge by employers. Under the impact of globalization, communication skill in English has become a universally demanded career-skill by all HR Managers, particularly in the MNCs, BPOs, Banking and industries with an international clientele, that constitute the major job providers of the day. Hence it goes without saying, as part of vocational training how important it is, today, to enable students to master the language skills in English even while studying for their qualifying UG or other programs.

Considering the limitations in studying English as part of the curriculum, it is a great consolation to find KARE giving extra emphasis to Communicative English by insisting that all its students, irrespective of the courses they study, should attend the coaching for the Certificate Course in Communicative English and obtain a certificate in the same. It is edifying to see that the students are encouraged to interact in English in the Campus. It is praise worthy that KARE organizes Seminars and Workshops that help to instill in the students a love of English language and the realization of its significance in boosting their confidence and career prospects.

I really appreciate the efforts made by the Institution and its Faculty of English in the cause of promoting competency in communicative English in its students. I wish KARE and its Dept. of English all the best in their sincere efforts and promise all support and cooperation as H.O.D.

May KARE’s students walk out of its portals armed with a strong command of English language, ready to take on the world!

Dr. Blazy Correya

Head. Dept of English