Diploma In Shipping And Logistics Management


Logistics is the science of management of the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption. The logistics sector, notwithstanding its all-pervasive presence, has not been given its due nor accorded the attention it deserves as a specialized sector in itself. The level of inefficiency in logistics activities in India has been very high across all industries and has taken its toll everywhere. There is a significant gap in the demand and availability of quality manpower in the logistics sector due to the lack of emphasis on developing skilled manpower for the sector.

Addressing this gap, many unconventional Industries based institutions and bodies have taken the initiative to train skilled personnel at all levels for the Industry. The logistics industry, which has witnessed a rapid boom in India, is fast catching on as a major contender to the current heavyweights in industry such as Metal and Mining, IT and BM.

There is no doubt that the logistics sector will keep growing as long as there are producers and consumers whose trade-lines criss-cross the globe. The Logistics sector, currently marking the highest growth rate in creating job opportunities, will be a sure bet for the right certificate holder.

Career Options

Ever growing demand for skilled HR in the upwardly mobile Shipping and Courier Companies, Agency houses, Shipping ports (air & sea), Clearing and Forwarding agencies, and Export/Import firms, has hiked the chances of employment in the following posts:

• Operations Assistant

• Team leader

• Office Supervisor/ Assistant

• Warehouse Supervisor/ Assistant

• Personnel Supervisor/ Assistant

• Customer Care Assistant

• Can also be an entrepreneur and start one’s own logistics business.

• Can start a consultancy firm that provides services like business consultancy in logistics related operations


Eligibility - Plus 2 Pass (any group)

Duration – One Year (9 + 3 months Internship)

Scheme And Syllabus

Sub Code Subjects Max.Marks/CA Max.Marks/AA Total
DISLM 1 Basic English and Life skills 25 75 100
DISLM 2 Principles of Managements 25 75 100
DISLM 3 Logistics Management 25 75 100
DISLM 4 Warehousing & Inventory Management 25 75 100
DISLM 5 Supply Chain Management 25 75 100