Eligibility Criteria :

Plus two and above

Course Duration :

3 Months – IIMM Certification
3 Months – SAP Certification

Welcome to the world of Logistics …

In this age of globalization, economic growth of any nation goes ahead in tandem with industrial growth. Logistics is a skilful sector that underpins almost all vital industrial activities. Not perceiving its importance and inevitable presence, it has not been given the due attention what it deserves as a special branch of study in itself. The level of inefficiency in logistics activities in the country has been very high across all trades so it has taken its toll everywhere. To bring about efficiency and quality improvement in logistics operations it is imperative to develop the capabilities of Logistics service providers with proper skills and since logistics being a service oriented sector, Skill development is a key requisite.
There is greater demand for quality manpower in the logistics sector. But the availability does not meet it fully. This is due to the lack of focus on training in skills which enhances quality and this hinders the smooth progress in the industry. In order to meet the growing demand for quality manpower in the sector, the only solution is to offer courses with authentic certifications which are targeted at pruning students and molding them into quality professionals.


The course curriculum focuses on specialized skills required by the specific sectors in the Logistics Industry, particularly the midlevel sectors.
The syllabus and curriculum take into account of the existing know – how of available personnel and future needs of the logistics management sector. This course is designed to be a launch pad for those who wish to take up shipping logistics Management as a professional career. The curriculum of the course has been drafted , having an insight for the unskilled personnel having with work experience in the Industry, as well as the majority of job –needy youth who cannot afford higher education could exploit the opportunities offered by the ever growing Logistics Industry being everywhere in the world.

Training Highlights

Class Room Training: Extensive classroom training by experienced professionals.
Our Faculty: The faculty is drawn from experts in industry, educational and professional institutions.

Placement Assistance

Training for securing jobs


30 days internship is provided.


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