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Bachelor Of Business Administration

At KARE Campus (Knowledge age academy of research and education)

Bachelor Of Business Administration


BBA is basically the foundation course for MBA. All the same as a UG program it affords as much scope as any other UG program for jobs in the public and private/corporate sectors. The opportunities are myriad, especially in the corporate business management sector, banks, etc

The BBA program provides a University degree with a strong base in management skills.

Career Options

Whether in India or abroad, BBA degree opens up more job opportunities than many other degrees. A successful BBA graduate enjoys all opportunities existing for university graduates with the added advantage of being preferred over the other graduates in the marketing as well as sales departments in companies related toFinance and Management.

BBA program provides high quality education in Management that the students can right away join the management sectors in Industry after their graduation.

A graduate would mostly start at an executive level in any industry, but, if you are a BBA,the package offered to you may be far better than what is offered to other graduates.

After completing your BBA program, you have the option of joining as a Management Trainee / Executive Trainee in any of the following sectors: Banking, Consultancy, Finance, Corporates, Marketing, Creative Industry, IT Companies and the Management departments in Government and Public sectors.


Eligibility - Plus 2 Pass or its Equivalent

Duration - Three Years (6 semesters)

Certification - University of Kerala

Evaluation details:
Evaluation of each paper for the program shall be done in two parts:
1. Continuous Assessment (CA)

2. Annual Assessment (AA)

Each subject carries 100 marks. The distribution of marks shall be 25% and 75% for CA and AA respectively as shown in the scheme.

Topics for Assignments for each semester will be published during the course of each semester with a predetermined submission date.

Guidance of Project Work:
The project shall be guided by a supervising teacher. The report of the project work submitted at the end of the 3rd year shall be valued by two examiners appointed by the University.

Scheme And Syllabus

Sub Code Subjects Max.Marks/CA Max.Marks/AA Total
DISLM 1 Basic English and Life skills 25 75 100
DISLM 2 Principles of Managements 25 75 100
DISLM 3 Logistics Management 25 75 100
DISLM 4 Warehousing & Inventory Management 25 75 100
DISLM 5 Supply Chain Management 25 75 100