MBA - Hospital Management


With the growing importance of healthcare industry across the globe, Hospital Management/Administration professionals have become much sought after. With healthcare industry in the private sector mushrooming all over, there is a need for not only appropriately qualified doctors but also for qualified and efficient hospital managers and administrators. However, the job of a hospital manager is very demanding. Besides having an idea of healthcare industry, they should also have a strong background in finance, marketing and Computer Applications. They need to be updated with advances in medicine, computerised diagnostic and treatment equipment, data processing technology, government regulations, health insurance changes, and financing options. It is a very high-paying and rewarding profession. The Hospital Administration course is designed to fulfil the specific need of developing a cadre of professional managers in health and hospital management. The course is highly beneficial to doctors, medical administrators, planners, nurses and those currently engaged in health /hospital administration at senior and middle levels.

About Course

Hospital Administration course is a vocational course and hence it becomes easy for the competent students to find suitable placements in the health industry in India or abroadThe steadily increasing demand for specially skilled HR for the efficient management and administration of hospitals creates numberless opportunities for Hospital Administration course holders. In all allied sectors of the Healthcare Industry too, opportunities are aplenty

Eligibility : Degree / in any discipline from a recognized University

Duration : 2 years

Certificate Offered: Certificate are awarded by Bharathiar University

About KARE

The KARE Campus is a renowned educational academy based in Kochi, Kerala. Kare has been going ahead providing unique employability based training programmes, Expert coaching and guiding students to accomplishing their dreams of a highly paid global career. Kare campus offers Hospital Administration for graduates.

Placement Support

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First Year
1) Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
2) Managerial Economics
3) Accounting and Finance for Managers
4) Marketing Management
5) Human Resource Management
6) Quantitative Techniques for Management
7) Research Methods for Management
8) Corporate Communication
9)Operations Management

Second Year
1) Hospital Architecture, Planning And Design
2) Materials Management
3) Hospital Operation - I (Patient Care)
4) Hospital Operation - II (Supportive Services)
5) Bio-Sciences & Epidemiology
6) Hospital Information System
7)Health Laws & Policies
8) Business Environment and Ethics
9)Strategic Management


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